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Crafted with Natural Water from Mt.Fuji

The flavor of beer is often attributed to its water source, and at Fujiyama Beer, we embrace the purity of Mount Fuji's natural water.
Sourced from depths of 100 meters underground, this pristine water is renowned among German brewmasters for its quality.
Complementing this exceptional water, we select only the finest malt ingredients from esteemed European producers.
Our beer combines German brewing methods with the pure blessings of Mt.Fuji's water.

water of Fujiyoshida

Regarding the water in Fujiyoshida

Mt. Fuji stands as an iconic symbol of Japan, renowned for its breathtaking beauty and distinct presence.

The water source of Mount Fuji is its pristine meltwater, which permeates deep underground, undergoing natural filtration. As a point of local pride, "Michi no Eki Fujiyoshida" offers this special water, derived from the characteristics of the meltwater, to tourists and visitors. It has become a popular destination where people can experience the deliciousness and unique qualities of this water. It's a favorite spot for those seeking to immerse themselves in the charm and beauty of the local area.

water of Fujiyoshida

Our commitment to craftsmanship

Our Craft beer was born from the fusion of Mount Fuji's natural water and Germany's traditional brewing techniques. This beer represents a harmonious blend of Mount Fuji's pristine water and Germany's skilled brewing craftsmanship, resulting in a refreshing, easy-to-drink beer with a luxurious and nuanced flavor profile.

Three classic beers


"Pilsner" - Fujiyama Beer's most popular beer.

A standard style of beer.
It features a crisp taste, a moderate bitterness, and a refreshing hop aroma that comes through cleanly.


"Weizen" - A fruity and refreshing beer popular among women.

A German-style ale made with wheat malt. It features a fruity flavor and a refreshing taste.
With its mild bitterness, it is recommended even for those who typically do not enjoy beer. Because it is unfiltered, it appears cloudy due to the yeast.


"Dunkel" - A beer sure to hit the spot.

A dark beer made with deeply roasted malt. It features a dark color and a roasted aroma.
Despite its richness, it is not overpowering, making it a beer to be savored slowly.

Canned beer available for purchase.

Three classic beers

We also offer canned beer for sale as souvenirs

A special souvenir packed with the blessings of Mount Fuji's abundant water and carefully selected ingredients.
Perfect for gifts or treating yourself.

One 1-liter can: 1,496 yen (including tax)


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